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Try Scuba

Try Scuba

This dive  is meant for people who have never tried diving or has no
diving certification. Is perfect alone or with your partner, family or
friends, or with your coworkers . Dive with us and enjoy your first underwater experience .
Plan your day off to have fun, and we’ll help you with that!

General Information
In this diving You will learn to breathe underwater .

activity consists
Theory: Basic explanation on the theory of diving, and self-contained .
Practical part : Consists of diving at a depth 5-6 meters , accompanied by a Certified Instructor .

Duration of Activity
3 hours

All the necessary equipment such as suit, BCD, regulator , mask, fins , booties .Assist a Certified Instructor for any activity .

Having minimum 8 years, be in good health

After the activity
will have your first dive experience and save Christening value for the
Open Water course , so you can enjoy your new adventures.