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Become a Divemaster with us!
You know it, you feel it, it is a sure thing: since you started diving you have not been able to stop. It is clear you have a diving vocation. You became Advanced Diver, you took different specialties to peek into the underwater world from as many angles as possible, and enjoy more and more each dive. You even give advise to new divers trying to make their underwater experience as good as possible! Converting your passion into your profession is a privilege, and in the
diving world, professionals that are in love with their career are so

In Submares we offer you the possibility of getting certified as a Divemaster while you gain valuable practical training working at the center with us. While you are studying for the exams of Diving Guide and Science of DIving, you’ll be using your new knowledge to work everyday. You will accompany and attend our teachers in try scuba diving and other courses so you can learn first hand the process of introduction to the diving world and subsequent improvement in the case of divers involved in specialty courses. Once you’ve passed the Diving Guide exam, you can begin to guide certified divers and discover the thrill of taking charge of a group along an underwater route. Your coaching skills and your knowledge of rescue should be booming, and you will learn to trust yourself to be able to transmit that confidence to others and become a safe and effective leader, trained to develop divers loyalty by offering the best possible experience, establishing bases of professionalism and fun. The study of the Science of Diving will allow you to understand much better the physical processes of the underwater world, the physiology of the human body and environmental curiosities of the seas and oceans, which will become a connoisseur of dive theory, translating such virtue on effective explanations to people who want to get started in this wonderful activity, as well as improving your own skills as a freelance diver and leader.

Working in the center allows you to do many dives and to acquire underwater fluency to assist others and to convey trust and confidence. At the same time, you will also learn about the logistics, management and organization of a dive center. You will notice the whole process involved in every dive. From booking it, presentations, theoretical explanations and exercises, equipment preparation, transportation to the beach or the boat, immersion in all stages, going back to the center and tidying and cleaning materials and facilities. This will allow you to learn to manage schedules and divers with the highest efficiency. You will also come in contact with the world of sales: the different items of diving brands that are for sale in the center will make you try to find the best option for each diver and discover its peculiarities and differences.

At the end of the process, not only you will be a certified Divemaster but you will have acquired valuable work experience that will make you a valuable candidate to work in any dive center in the world.

To be eligible to take Submares Divemaster course, you must be at least 18 years old and have 40 logged dives. Before or during your Divemaster training you must have completed the Advanced Adventurer program and the Stress and Rescue. It also requires that you have a medical certificate not older than one year (may be issued in the center) and training in CPR and first aid made ​​or renewed in the past two years.

We will adapt as much as possible to your time possibilities so you can do an internship in the center. Depending on what that best suits you, you can spend with us a minimum of 15 consecutive days during peak diving season (July and August prominently) or you can come weekends and/or individual days you have free.

Wait no more! Contact us and dive into the wonderful world of professional diving: let your passion become your career!