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Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox allows you to increase safely your time without deco stops beyond the limits of the air. Diving with enriched air means more time underwater, but you need to be certified as a nitrox diver to get fills with enriched air nitrox.

Deep diving
After your firsts dives you will soon want to explore some more deepness. There is something exciting and incredible in the depths that attracts divers. To dive deep you need to take into account special cares and to control techniques and to have specific knowledge to asure you can enjoy those dives. This speciality will familiarize you with this background.

Have a perfect buoyancy has multiple advantatges: it will make your air consumption decrease and so you will be able to increase the dive time; you will also be protecting the sea bed uncontrolled flapping and you will gain control and security as an autonomous diver.

Night diving
Night dives are the favourite ones of many divers. Surrounded by the black magic of water and beams of moonlight that reach deep, diving at night is like flying in the water, discovering infinite mysteries armed only with a flashlight. The marine life is transformed by night, and countless creatures that remain invisible under the sun , like most predators.

Be able to navigate underwater gives divers independence, security and confidence. Controling the compass and knowing all the natural orientation techniques will make you feel able to delve into the depths and find your way back afterwards. This results in greater enjoyment and control of your dives.

Underwater photography and video

Fotografía y vídeo subacuáticos
Countless moments underwater deserve to be immortalized, but taking pictures or recording videos under water requires a lot of technique and skill. By doing this speciality you will learn to control all the  instruments and to use the environment to your advantage to get the best pictures that reflect the treasures hidden underwater.

Certification Not Included